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Hazardous Adsorbents, Part 1: Peat Moss
Tweet Peat moss seems pretty innocuous. It’s widely used in horticulture for packing plants, and for compost. There’s more of it in places like Ireland and Finland, known for their wetlands, than anywhere else on Earth. It’s just a harmless organic substance, right? That’s debatable. Or, we might say, depeatable. While peat moss (also known [...]..

Tweet Last February, President Trump issued an executive order directing the Environmental Protection Agency and the Army for Civil Works to review the Clean Water Rule and “publish a proposed rule for notice and comment rescinding or revising the rule.” As with all great government edicts, a schedule of public meetings ensued for WOTUS (Waters [...]..


Just Say No To Crystalline Silica
Tweet Crystalline silica sounds like a cross between a supplement and a new age gemstone — which is partly accurate, since silica is commonly known as quartz, and is the principal component of sandstone and other rocks. But unli..
Caltrans Kudos from Car-lovin’ Californians
Tweet Californians drive. A lot. In fact, among all 50 states, California has the second highest number of highway miles in the U.S. Which means the Department of Transportation has its hands full. The men and women of Caltrans, w..


Diet Another Day
Tweet In these body-positive times, people of every shape and size are receiving approbation for simply being themselves. And that’s a positive sign. But even those who are rail-thin need to eat occasionally. And those who&#..
Weather or Not / Part 2: How to Stay Safe Outside
Tweet Last week, we looked at six smart steps business owners can take to keep employees and customers safe, warm and dry in wet, icy winter weather. Everybody still needs to get to and from your place of business, however, which ..


House Sale Spruce Up
Tweet Thinking about putting your home on the market this spring? If so, you’ll want to put its “best face forward” to attract potential buyers. And that probably means a paint job. In your enthusiasm, however, y..
Puppy Love? Yes, but not the mess!
Tweet Spring is a wonderful time to welcome a new puppy into the family. Dogs are so cuddly and cute at six or eight weeks of age — just like human infants. And, just like human babies, dogs don’t tend to enter life potty ..


Ready to Run Off?
Tweet With spring in the air, you may be getting ready to don your sneakers and start running to get in shape. But before you run off, consider the runoff you might need to attend to first: the overland flow from snow melt and win..
Mine Your Own Business: Toxic Leaks
Tweet “Over 30,000 mines are leaking toxic waste into American waterways,” screams the headline on, which then rightly asks, “If the Environmental Protection Agency, which caused the Animas River sp..