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Sep 30 2011
by Impact News

Erosion project moves forward at California creek

Erosion project moves forward at California creek

An erosion project is underway in California to help protect a channel that is brimming with water at a time when it is usually dry.

The Chico Enterprise-Record reports that the late winter led to more water than normal being in Big Chico Creek. This has caused problems for those working to prevent long-term erosion of the creek. While the project is underway, the creek is being diverted into the Lindo Channel.

Streaminders, a citizen group formed to address issues such as water quality, erosion and runoff – is working to build a concrete crib wall for the stream.

"We're impinging on the creek a bit, but this avoids a more drastic solution," Roger Cole with Streaminders told the news source.

There are many ways to combat erosion and one of the best is Impact Absorbents' Straw Wattle for Erosion Control, which can "reduce soil erosion and retain sediments on slopes to keep soil in place and around drain inlets to prevent sediment blockage," according to the company's website.

Cole told the news source that all of the in-creek parts of the erosion project are expected to be completed by mid-October.

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