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Sep 20 2017
by Impact News

A Matter of Context

Floaters. When you have them in your eye, they can be cause for concern. But when you put them in the water, they alleviate concern.

Everything in life is a matter of context. So, for example, an XSORB Select Oil Absorbent Boom would not be an appropriate answer to a vision problem. For that, you’d need to make an appointment with your optometrist.

For spill containment, however, the Oil Absorbent Boom is a perfect solution: a floater that removes all petroleum-based products in the marine environment, including waterways, holding ponds, boating areas, contaminated barrels, sumps, and more, leaving only clean water behind. It’s constructed of two oil absorbent socks for added absorption, and rope, netting and hooks for easy deployment and disposal.

The XSORB Select Oil Absorbent Boom is:

  • Licensed as an oil spill clean up agent by the California Department of Fish and Game;
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly;
  • Highly absorbent: can hold four times its weight;
  • A hydrophobic floater.

Or maybe you’re a distance runner who has a dozen pair of top-line athletic shoes, and you’re looking to coordinate your attire and gear. Socks are key to your ensemble. But while Impact Absorbents sells various socks, they’d look a bit peculiar on your feet. That’s because our socks are made to absorb oil, not sweat (and not the kind of oil that accumulates on your feet from perspiration.)

FiberDuck Oil Absorbent Socks are ideal for cleaning up small oil spills on land or in water. They’re also designed to contain spills around machine bases, quickly absorbing hydrocarbons such as crude oil, diesel oil and gasoline. These water-repellent socks are made from highly absorbent hydrophobic fiber and will float indefinitely. Their durable polypropylene skin is UV-, chemical- and tear-resistant — and the absorbency capacity meets or exceeds industry standards.

We hope we’ve explained the importance of defining one’s terms clearly. Because if you spill the beans at work, we can’t help you. But if you spill the coffee while spilling the beans, reach for XSORB. At least we can make it a little less painful.