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Nov 7 2018
by Impact News

Smart Men Wear Aprons

The word “smart” is somewhat overused these days, between our phones, our homes, our clothes, our health care…. So just to clarify, we’re using the word here in its original sense, without an app, when we say: smart men wear aprons.

We’re not speaking of chefs, who are also smart to wear aprons when cooking. We’re talking about government workers, specifically the municipal employees who do the dirty work the public seldom sees. No, not like those exposés you read online. More like motor pool repair, and other gigs where universal sorbents are part of the package for effective spill containment, erosion control, grease protection and safety.

When hazmat is involved, a superhero municipal worker needs an apron. And we have just the product: a PVC Chemical Resistant Apron with ties. Full length in bright hazmat alert yellow, this sturdy protective gear is the equivalent of a lead apron when your dentist is preparing to take x-rays. It will keep you safe from chemical splashes during spill clean up, and it’s gender neutral enough that it just might become a crossover fashion-forward item. At the rate internet culture adopts new trends, anything is possible.

To complement your PVC Chemical Resistant Apron and protect your hands, be sure to order our Flock Lined General Duty Latex Gloves, in matching yellow with a honeycomb grip. No one’s going to confuse these with the rubber gloves your mom wore to prevent “dishpan hands”. These protective gloves, sold by the dozen:

  • Resist acids, alkalis, alcohols, salts, ketones and animal fats
  • Provide increased comfort and ease of donning
  • Are ideal for janitorial, sanitation and general maintenance.

Finally, to complete your municipal absorbent clean up look, consider a 20-gallon salvage drum with metal band, also in sunny yellow. This high-density polyethylene drum is perfect for the storage, transport, clean up and spill containment of small containers. It meets the 3-psi pressure test and DOT 49 CFR 173.3. And, of course, keeps you color coordinated as well as safe.

And, of course, our protective apron and gloves are appropriate for men and women. Everything we sell is gender inclusive. Just saying.

Aprons, gloves and salvage drums…sounds like a potential name for a rock band, too, don’t you think?