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Sep 23 2011
by Impact News

Towns across east coast still grappling with Irene-caused erosion

Towns across east coast still grappling with Irene-caused erosion

Hurricane and Tropical Storm Irene caused major damage across North America and while the storm died weeks ago, many towns are still struggling with erosion caused by the heavy rains.

The town of Folly Beach, South Carolina, experienced a great deal of erosion as a result of the storm. Some officials said that it was the worst erosion they'd seen in decades, according to The State.

"This is as bad as I’ve seen it since I’ve been here," Town Administrator Toni Connor-Rooks told the news source.

The news source reports that the erosion problems in Folly Beach are the worst in all of South Carolina.

Irene didn't reserve her vengeance for the Palmetto State, however, as communities as far north as New York are dealing with erosion problems caused by the storm.

The Daily Mail reports that the town of Cairo, New York, recently put out bids for damage repair work, which will likely include dealing with the significant erosion that Irene caused.

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