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Sep 26 2011
by Impact News

Missouri chemical spill requires Hazmat crews for cleanup

Missouri chemical spill requires Hazmat crews for cleanup

A recent accident during which the owner of a Ladue, Missouri jewelry shop reportedly knocked over a container of dangerous chemicals led to a call to local Hazmat crews to clean up the spill.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the owner of Albarre Jewelry and a UPS driver who may have been exposed to the sodium cyanide were tested by emergency workers and later released.

Ladue fire chief Eric Hinson told the news source that no injuries had been reported as a result of the chemical spill, but local authorities still decided to close down a half-mile span near the shop after the incident.

Hinson explained that the use of sodium cyanide to clean jewelry ceased approximately 25 years ago due to the potential risks of exposure to the chemical, but the jewelry shop still had a glass container of the chemical underneath a workbench. The glass container was reportedly knocked over while the shop owner was cleaning, the news source said.

The Chesterfield Patch reports that the chemical spill forced after-school and evening activities to be canceled at the nearby Ladue Middle School.

In cases like these where dangerous chemicals need to be cleaned up to prevent exposure, Impact Absorbent's Hazmat Spill Response Kit with absorbent and personal protection equipment can be an extremely valuable tool.

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