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Sep 27 2011
by Impact News

Erosion control a point of contention between Ohio man, authorities

Erosion control a point of contention between Ohio man, authorities

An Ohio resident is upset at local authorities because he says they have failed to take care of an erosion problem on his property.

Bill Jeffers of St. Clairsville, next to the West Virginia border, says that an eroding ditch at the end of his driveway backs up during severe rain storms, causing the water to be pushed onto his driveway, reports the State Journal. Jeffers says that when the city tried to help, they just made the problem worse.

"They said they couldn't do it any other way. Actually, what they’re doing is keeping water off the road in the wintertime so it won't freeze and is putting the problem on me," he told the news source.

However, the city contests the notion that it has not done enough.

"St. Clairsville has done what's warranted and within the realm of public responsibility at the Jeffers property," St. Clairsville City Services Director Dennis Bigler told the news source. "The city has already spent thousands of dollars, and just received a grant to install erosion control in a city ditch near the property."

Regardless of the outcome of the dispute, top-line erosion control products can be obtained from Impact Absorbents. The company's Straw Wattle for Erosion Control can retain soil on slopes and drain inlets. 

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