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Article archive for February, 2011

  • February 22nd, 2011

    What makes XSORB environmentally friendly? -Part 2

    XSORB soaks up spills like a sponge Tweet Previously we discussed that one of the reasons why XSORB is so environmentally friendly is because it re-purposes a product previously bound for the landfills.  So are there any other reasons?  Of course there are! One of the most important reasons is based on the physical attributes of XSORB.  When XSORB picks up a [...]

  • February 8th, 2011

    HazMat Spill or Training Exercise?

    Attaching absorbent boom Tweet One of the most beautiful places in California is Avila Beach.  If you’ve been there, I’m sure you’d agree.  And yet, now, after the Gulf Oil Spill, nearly everyone who lives near the coast has probably thought about the possibility of something similar happening to their favorite beach. So when the county Sheriff Department [...]