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Article archive for July, 2013

  • July 30th, 2013

    The Poly Sisters: Who Can Help You Best?

    Tweet Determining which polypropylene product is best for your chemical spill clean up need can feel like learning the Periodic Table of Elements: Hydrogen, Lithium, Beryllium, Boron, Carbon… To make your spill clean up much easier, we’ve compiled this Chemical Guide for Poly Products, which lists 134 chemicals and whether you’d be best served by [...]

  • July 30th, 2013

    Cookin’ Good!

    Tweet Summertime, and the livin’ is easy. Everybody’s eating out, which is great for your restaurant business. You’re cooking up a veritable feast of fabulous family fare. But, what about the grease? You can be looking good but cooking bad if your head is in the FOG (fats, oils and grease) when it comes to [...]

  • July 19th, 2013

    A Greener Shade of Blue

    Tweet If you’re an artist, the idea of creating a greener shade of blue might make perfect sense, since you constantly mix colors on your palette to obtain the perfect hue. But even if to you, “palette” is more appropriately spelled “palate,” and the colors that signify summer are red and yellow for ketchup and [...]

  • July 16th, 2013

    It’s a Gas, Gas, Gas — NOT

    Tweet U.S. drivers wasted 2.9 billion gallons of fuel idling in traffic in 2011, reported AAA magazine in May 2013. That startling statistic didn’t mention anything about spills or leaks, but we’re willing to bet at least some of these drivers experienced one of the two, burning up all that blacktop. Actress Tori Spelling, for [...]

  • July 12th, 2013

    Wrist Watch: Taking Repetitive Stress In Hand

    Tweet Some people lean on their laps, some on their knees. Some hunker down on the train or bus. But even if your employees use their computers while sitting at a desk, they could be doing serious damage to their hands or arms. The same holds true of any repetitive motion, whether that’s engaging in [...]

  • July 8th, 2013

    Babies on Board!

    Tweet Children might define the essence of “spill clean up”. Kids love nothing more than making a mess, especially since they’re not the ones who have to clean it up. And if you have a new baby (as two of the XSORB family now do — two babies, in fact!) you might as well install [...]

  • July 2nd, 2013

    Boy Scout Smarts

    Tweet We’ve all heard the famous Scouting motto: Be Prepared. But knowing something and actually doing it can be poles apart, as anyone who’s vowed to start an exercise program or reorganize their files can attest. When it comes to emergencies, however, you don’t get a “do over.” Preparation can mean the difference between your [...]