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Article archive for February, 2019

  • February 27th, 2019

    Are We Having Fun Yet?

    Tweet Have you ever traveled with small children? In between pestering their siblings or needing a rest stop, they constantly ask, “Are we there yet?” A close cousin to this inquiry is, “Are we having fun yet?” What does this have to do with spill clean up, you may ask? Here at Impact Absorbents, we’re [...]

  • February 20th, 2019

    Oil Spills: A Daily Reality Show

    Tweet These days, reality shows (and stars) blanket the Internet, magazines, and our daily lives, whether we want to hear about them or not. And they’re relatively harmless. The same can’t be said of oils spills, which are also a daily,¬†often deadly, reality, harming marine life as well as the environment. While Impact Absorbents can’t [...]

  • February 13th, 2019

    5 Keys to Small Business Success in 2019

    Tweet We’re going to spill it: how to be the best small business you can be in 2019. This is one spill you won’t want to clean up, however, because these keys can open the door to greater success in the new year, and beyond. Here are five steps to become (or remain) successful this [...]

  • February 6th, 2019

    Year Of the Pig: A Spill Clean Up Bonanza?

    Tweet The Chinese New Year, which begins in February, is always symbolized by a specific animal that defines the qualities for the coming year. It’s a very different concept from how we recognize a new year in the West, with lists of resolutions that are all too soon forgotten. 2019 is the Chinese Year of [...]