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Clay & D.E. Based Absorbents are Hazardous

Are you aware of the fire hazard created by using clay & D.E. to clean up your spills?

Most people are unaware of the hazard created by using clay or D.E. to clean up newer bio-fuels that are gaining popularity. Manufacturers of clay and D.E. have recognized this danger and have added warnings to their packages and MSDS sheets.

"Physical contact between this material and Bio-fuel, turpentine, vegetable oil or other unsaturated organic compounds (such as fish oil) may generate heat and/or fire. Do not use this material with these compounds."

Why take the risk?

Upgrade to a better absorbent. XSORB Universal, Outdoor and Edge can be used on all forms of bio-fuel without the risk of generating heat and potential fires. Find more information at the XSORB Advantage.

Clay & D.E. Absorbents XSORB Granular Absorbents
Fire Hazard
  • Biofuel
  • Ethanol
  • Turpentine
  • Vegatable Oil
  • Unsaturated Organic Compounds
Not Known to Generate Heat and/or Fire
  • Biofuel
  • Ethanol
  • Turpentine
  • Vegatable Oil
  • Unsaturated Organic Compounds
Health Hazard
  • Contain crystaline silica
  • Crystalline silica is inhaled through dust
  • Listed by the IARC as a carcinogen
  • Listed as a cause for silicosis
  • Known to the State of CA to cause cancer
XSORB is Non-Toxic
  • Listed by the IARC as non-carcinogenic
  • Not listed as a risk for causing silicosis
  • Not known by the State of CA to cause cancer
Environmental Hazard
  • Release absorbed liquids through leaching
  • Leaching breaks Land Disposal Restrictions (LDR)
  • Leached liquids may pose environmental harm
XSORB Protects the Environment
  • Does not leach absorbed liquids
  • Meets and /or exceeds EPA disposal regulations
  • Will not release liquids, including hazardous liquids
Landfill Refusal
  • Landfills refuse free liquids
  • Absorbents that leach are considered free liquids
  • Landfills refuse waste with heat and fire risk
Landfills Accept XSORB
  • XSORB solidifies liquids for proper landfill disposal
  • XSORB will not leach its contents
  • XSORB is not know to pose a heat or fire risk
Difficult to Use and Costly
  • Absorb up to 40% LESS than XSORB
  • Heavy to lift and exposes lifter to dust
  • More expensive to use than XSORB
  • High disposal costs
Easier to Use and More Affordable
  • XSORB absorbs up to 40% MORE than clay or D.E. absorbents
  • Less weight to ship and carry, and no toxic dust to breathe in
  • More absorption for your dollar
  • Lower disposal costs